Wednesday, 15 June 2011

左輪 357

諳法語,但不得不承認,法語是一種動聽的語言。如果說「我愛你」唸來比不上 I love you,那麼「I love you」就較「Je t'aime」差一些。把法語音譯成中文,尤其是名字,往往特別賞心悅目。初小的時候乍聞母親一句「阿倫狄龍」(Alain Delon),未見其人,光聽「狄龍」(那時候反而不知道香港那個影星狄龍),就教我有不少遐想。後來忘了是在《歡樂今宵》還是《香港早晨》,聽到不曉得是盧大偉還是余文詩提起了「嘉芙蓮丹露」(Catherine Deneuve) 和「伊芙蒙丹」(Yves Montand),以為是兩個絕色美人。結果,只猜對了一半,伊芙蒙丹原來是男人(另一個曾讓我有相同誤解的是短命、俊俏但麻煩多多的老牌羅賓漢「愛路扶連」Errol Flynn)。對這已故法國影帝的樣子和演出一直很陌生,這次黑色電影‧法國 X 香港 NOIR 選映了他的舊作《左輪 357》(Police Python 357),決心去嗜嗜這一顆「丹」。

《左輪 357》算是黑色電影,故事黑色,人物的遭遇黑色,連美工佈景也有不少黑色。


今天看這 1976 年的老片,也許會覺得部份場面拍得有點造作。可喜的是,導演沒有連篇累贅,125 分鐘的片子拍得點到即止。



女角方面,演神探上司不良於行老婆的法國老牌女星 Simone Signoret(憑《金屋淚》(Room at the Top) 奪得奧斯卡最佳女主角)同樣搶鏡頭。她精明、世故,加上對老公和自己的愛和恨,演技爐火純青。


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  1. Although Yves Montand has quite a successful film career, he was primarily a singer who acted, sort of like a Frank Sinatra of France. One of his most famous songs in America is Les Feuilles Mortes, which was covered in English as Autumn Leaves. Together with his real-life wife Simone Signoret, they are the most glamorous left-wing couples in France, no mean feat considered that France is a Socialist country. It is also because of their politics they have a hard time to make it in Hollywood during the McCarthy era (Room at the Top, the movie for which Signoret won an Oscar, was made in Britain rather than Hollywood)

    By the way, it is the leading category, not the supporting category, that Signoret won her Oscar, the first ever, and until Marion Cotillard, the only French actress to do so. A sex symbol for the cerebral, Signoret is famous for her refined intelligence. If you get the chance you should pick up her acclaimed autobiography Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be(it is available in Yau Ma Tei Public Library, I have seen it before). She is one of the rare great stars who is also a great writer. I particularly like this quote from her:

    “It worked this time. I put it over on them. I made them believe I could do it. But one of these days they're going to discover the fakery. They're going to find out I'm only an amateur”.

    It is just a very well-put of the insecurity everyone feels about themselves. Well at least I do, every day.